Parental Advisory

PARENTAL ADVISORY 02 Nathan Allen The Maniac of Magic Comedian Magician Entertainer Entertainment Des Moines Iowa IAI use this “Parental Advisory” logo to communicate – at a glance – that my show is for adults.  Unlike most magicians, I do not do a kid show.

This does NOT mean I’m “Filthy McNasty The X-Rated Comedian,” but I’m definitely notSilly Willy The Birthday Magician,” either.

The show is naughty and edgy, but it is NOT over-the-top offensive, obscene, or raunchy.  There are NO topless dancers and NO hate-filled rants about race/nationality, religious beliefs, political preferences, or sexual orientation, but the show IS geared for adults and contains adult humor, innuendo, language, references, and some dangerous-looking tricks which are not appropriate for children.

There is no “rating” system for live entertainment like there is for TV and movies, but if I had to rate my show, I’d say it’s generally similar in tone to a film rated somewhere between “PG-13” and “R” (Austin Powers, Super Troopers, Scary Movie), or a television program rated somewhere between “TV-14” and “TV-MA” (Saturday Night Live, Two and a Half Men, South Park).

Even though I’m probably no worse than anything kids have seen on TV these days, I still do not feel my live show is appropriate for children, for these three reasons:

     #1.  I do things you would not want a child to try at home I don’t want to get a phone call from an irate parent who thinks it’s my fault that her son is playing with razor blades, eating glue, or trying to tie a noose.

     #2.  Children wouldn’t understand a lot of the humor and references in my show… and because most of my show is comedy-based, this means the child would not “get” the show, and it would simply NOT be entertaining to a child.
     #3.  Many adults don’t feel comfortable laughing at this stuff while in the presence of a child… Even though the jokes and innuendos go “over the heads” of children anyway, many adults in the audience still tense up when there are children present… and when people are afraid to laugh, everyone’s enjoyment of the show suffers.

Exactly how “edgy” any particular show is depends upon the event and the audience (My language is cleaner at corporate events than at nightclubs, for example), but…

IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO THIS:  As long as I have an audience of adults who are receptive to fun and shenanigans, we’ll all have a great time.

Beyond that, the demographics are far and wide.  From doctors & lawyers to farmers & factory workers, from cops to bikers, from politicians to hippies, and from college students to retirees, I’ve really done it all.

See ya soon!

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