Only Fooling Myself

This is my movie. It’s a very A.D.D.” compilation of footage from real live shows with real live audiences, backstage shenanigans, and the secrets to a bunch of tricks that YOU CAN DO to f*#% with your friends!

This movie is not pretty. It’s not organized. The production value sucks. But, dammit, it’s FUN and it’s ENTERTAINING.

Here’s a review:

the-serious-comedy-site-logo-comedians-standup-comic    “Nathan Allen’s ‘Only Fooling Myself’ is the hands-down winner of the weirdest fucking DVD of the year. It is also quite entertaining if you are in the mood for something really unusual. Comic magician Allen spent all of 0 dollars recording his show and other segments on a cell phone and just a bit more on editing. The end product is a haphazard collage of show clips, clips from a phone-in with a static photo, a ghost-hunting segment, and really cool how-to segments.
    Don’t ask me why, but it works.
    To add to the ‘huh?’ Allen seems to have the attention span of a goldfish, so aside from the how-to bits, many segments are one or two minute clips from a longer recording.
    Magic is misdirection. My favorite segment on ‘Only Fooling Myself’ is the one about how to pour water in a bag and make it vanish.
     If you like offbeat stuff, don’t mind non-existent production values, and are a bit ‘off’ in terms of your sense of humor, you will want to look into this DVD.”
– Richard Lanoie, The Serious Comedy Site

Here are a few screenshots (click to view larger):

And here’s everything you’ll see:

(1.) Clickin’ The Channels / Opening (2.) Do Not Try This At Home (3.) Talentless #1 (4.) Pulling A Rabbit Out Of A Hat (5.) The Hot Tub Incident (6.) Signing SNL’s Contract (7.) When Gravity Attacks (8.) International Box Of Mystery (9.) A Magic Geek’s Priorities (10.) Colorful Boxes & Sparkly Jackets (11.) Ghost Hunting pt. 1: Intro (12.) Card Trick pt. 1: Smeared Lipstick & Pills (13.) Ghost Hunting pt. 2: The Investigation (14.) Pickpocket (15.) Card Trick pt. 2: Pick A Card, Any Card (16.) Cups & Balls Performed To The Cup Song (17.) Ghost Hunting pt. 3: Analysis Of Evidence (18.) Card Trick pt. 3: You’re Gonna Die (19.) Ghost Hunting pt. 4: The Results (20.) Talentless #2 (21.) The Difference Between Magic & Comedy (22.) Getting The Magic Out Of The Wand (23.) Explaining The Joke (24.) How To Eat Broken Glass (25.) Fifteen Bucks, Little Man (26.) Putting Sharp Things In My Face-Hole (27.) Doing Magic In High School (28.) Marriage Proposal During Magic Show (29.) Just Say No (30.) Dude, That’s Real Glue (31.) How To Crack Your Knuckles Crazy Loud (32.) Talentless #3 (33.) Don’t Hang Out With Magicians (34.) Roy’s Tiger & My Bird (35.) I’ll Wait (36.) First-Time Golfer (37.) It’s Not Actual Magic (38.) How To Make A Drink Vanish In A Paper Bag (39.) Face In The Fire (40.) You’re Bleeding?! (The Show Must Go On) (41.) Russian Roulette With A Razor Blade (42.) How To Make Anything Squeak (43.) I Squeak, You Squeak (44.) No – I Said Do *NOT* Choke (45.) It’s A Lose/Lose Situation (46.) She’s A Nurse And It’s Tight (47.) Padding My Pants (48.) Talentless #4 (49.) How To Blow Your Nose Like A Cartoon Character (50.) Merch (51.) Two Men, One Restroom, And A Mind-Reading Sock (52.) Group Therapy

The bad news is… all copies of the limited-edition DVD sold out at live shows. Poof.  Gone.  But the good news is… you can still watch it, as an instant online download.  The same movie that went for 20 bucks on DVD, you can download right now for just three bucks!

So click the “get instant access button,” grab a drink, and buckle up.  You’ll enjoy this.

$2.99 Instant MP4 Video Download.
Running time approx 69 minutes.
Widescreen. 942 MB file.
Parental Advisory: Explicit Content.