An empty beer is an opportunity for another beer.

bar-trickery-coverYou’ll get a kick out of this.

It’s a thing I wrote for Jer-Dog’s “The Bar Comic” publication. The column is called “Bar Trickery” and is going to be all about tricks, bets, scams, and stunts that YOU can use when you’re out and about to win a free drink and/or a semi-honest dollar or two. Fun stuff.

This first one has actually been around forever, but it is “on the radar” of surprisingly few civilians (in other words – you’ll get away with it).

Thought I’d share it with you… Click the image to enlarge:


More to come in the future, probably.

If you enjoyed that, here is a video teaching another sneaky way to win free drinks – – it’s a bit more complicated, but looks awesome.

Until next time…

“I’m off for a quiet pint — followed by fifteen noisy ones.”
– Gareth Chilcott

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